Komombo, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and Roche Diagnostics

Komombo: a solution to accelerate the early diagnosis of colon cancer in collaboration with Roche Diagnostics & Hospital Clinic of Barcelona.


Colorectal cancer is one of the cancers with the highest incidence in the world, along with
lung, prostate and breast cancer, according to the Global Cancer Observatory. In Spain it is
expected that during 2022 more than 43,000 new cases of colorectal cancer will be
diagnosed. Early diagnosis plays a very important role in the incidence of mortality from this

For this reason, Enzyme, a services and products company focused on solutions with
Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology, together with Roche Diagnostics, a leading
company in the supply of diagnostic systems, and the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​have
signed a collaboration pioneer to improve, more efficiently and quickly, the diagnosis of
colorectal cancer with Artificial Intelligence.

The main objective of this project is to develop ​​a deep learning tool for the classification of
intestinal polypoid lesions, into 8 representative groups, thus allowing a faster and more
efficient diagnosis for all the doctors.


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