Are you also dreaming of a better world thanks to collective intelligence?

Covid 19 has shown us that several global problems need collective action: this also applies to data. We need to share our data to allow solving big global challenges with AI solutions.


We aim to make everyone's data available while safeguarding the privacy of all those who want to share it to foster precise medicine for all and reducing health inequalities.

With Komombo, an innovative technological solution that helps both medical doctors as well as researchers and healthcare administrators, we have the chance to improve health in developing countries and regions with less means.


Our solution allows medicine to reach every corner in the world. Any region with a lack of specialists will not be behind any more.


We are looking forward to driving change, innovation and growth by opening a collaborative space within healthcare researchers.


We are seeking to boost research, when we share trustworthy and insightful algorithms within the research community.


We are seeking justice when we allow data providers to receive compensation for what’s being shared in an ethical and secure way.


To finally allow people and organisations to really own their data.