How does Komombo work?

Komombo is a collaborative platform where users are able to easily leverage the power that AI applications can bring to their organisations.

Data Monetisation Platform

As a data marketplace, healthcare centres willing to use an AI-based application to boost their results, are using Komombo in two ways: to provide algorithms or raw data, and to consume those insights generated by the platform with the data provided.


To consume this information, they need to make a payment. And those who contribute, receive a payment every time that their algorithm (or data to generate one) has been used by another insight-consumer.

Monetisation Platform = Purchasing / Sale of Insights
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How the transmission of insights -from the provider to the consumer- actually works?
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Data learning algorithms
Blockchain securitisation
Partial supplier Insights
Algorithm trained for a user case
Algorithm applied to the use case of each Customer