About us

We are looking forward to driving change, innovation and growth by opening a collaborative space within healthcare researchers and clinicians. 

Komombo is part of Enzyme Technologies. At Enzyme Technologies we create technological solutions to answer your digital transformation and innovation needs. We have developed an ecosystem based on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. 

We generate value and boost your organization with our solutions. 

Innovation, renovation, evolution with creativity

We use technology, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain to create and improve innovative products that allow our clients to maximize the experience of their clients, differentiate from your competitors, attract and retain the best professionals to face the challenges of the future much better.

Impact, results, sostenibility and customer focus

We focus on the challenge that our clients face and we focus on how to successfully impact with our products in technology, in the processes , in people and in the business model itself to materialize a visible and permanent improvement.

Sounding Board
Alvaro Ortín 

Chairman. Enzyme Advising Group, CEO

Inma González

Enzyme Advising Group, Chief Transformation Officer

Joe Sullivan

Emmetropes, CEO

Pau Ivars 

External consultant, International Marketing in Diagnostics

Dr. Fèlix Lluís, MD, PhD

Surgeon and Emeritus Researcher

Juan Antonio Rodríguez

Scientific Researcher and Professor, CSIC-IIIA

Jesús Cerquides 

Head of the Machine Learning Department, CSIC-IIIA

Àurea Mira Villet

Director Biomedical Diagnostic Center. Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

José Parra

Assistant Professor in Blockchain and Digitalization in the Copenhagen Business School

Yan Bello

Enzyme Advising Group, Chief Product & Innovation Officer

Luis Artiles

Enzyme Advising Group, Innovation Director