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Challenges of the

Healthcare Sector

Research requires large amounts of data and long deadlines.
Shorten data search times, using an agile and collaborative development environment.
Data is dispersed and its access entails privacy and sensitivity barriers
Universal-access knowledge platform which respects data privacy. 
To generate algorithms and knowledge from data is expensive
Solve investment problems through a universal economy of scale for access to knowledge
Available investment is limited.
Platform that reduces friction and costs while giving economic return associated with the given knowledge.
Overall Benefits
Provides unlimited and universal access to optimized insights that best fit the type of data under study.
Easy and immediate access to insights from a platform or a (medical) device
Hospitals will be able to easily connect and extract the information from the algorithms and directly apply them to improve their processes.
Benefits For Medical Doctors

Komombo connects hospitals with developers of new AI-algorithms and historic diagnosis data, to share deep medical insights with the aim to provide medical diagnosis assistance and to have the possibility to develop new treatments.


  • Reduce diagnostic error by helping practitioners when diagnosing.
  • Reduce time consumption by providing an accurate diagnosis in a few seconds.
  • Improve life quality and patient survival.
  • Greater precision, speed, efficiency and productivity.
Benefits for Hospitals

The platform improves the experience and accuracy of healthcare professionals when diagnosing patients, making diagnosis fast, accurate, safe and accessible.

  • The platform becomes a knowledge transfer mechanism; it reduces the dependency on a specific doctor.
  • Response time is reduced by 93-98%, this increases the efficiency of the work.
  • The trend shows that the number of medical images is increasing exponentially, however the number of doctors remains practically the same. Technology helps to overcome doctor scarcity.
Benefits for Medical Research Centres

Our AI solution empowers hospitals, universities, and research institutions to advance discoveries and foster groundbreaking collaborations.

  • Speeds up the publication of scientific papers, enabling the publication of a bigger number of papers/year.
  • Reduce the cost of research resources, as multi-origin data is easily and instantly accessible.
  • Incorporates cutting-edge technology to the research, what increases the prestige of the findings.
  • Supports the processes of regulatory approval, CFA, IP, etc.
  • Benefit from AI virtual peer-review.
KomOmbo Solution

Komombo is a collaborative platform for the development of AI-based applications that have a direct use in the Healthcare Sector.

Any healthcare centre may benefit from the power that AI applications can bring to the Sector. The application of AI can boost your hospital margins by increasing revenue or decreasing costs.

Data remains always private.

The algorithm only stores the insights extracted from the data, not the data itself. Algorithms are “travelling” not the data. Data never leaves the provider’s premises.

Provider’s data will be used to train AI algorithms in the data provider's system, therefore, only the provider is able to read that data. All the transactions are securely encrypted by blockchain protocols.

Human health use cases and applications on devices

We have developed an AI algorithm which is based on the patient's demographic profile, historical data, health status and current physiological indicators, that recommends best dialysis parameters for subsequent sessions.

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